Hello together, I have only been in Germany for a few months, because I started a new job here. Therefore, this post is only in English, as my german is not yet perfect. Hope that´s not a problem. Today I became aware of the Raumwerk D through Facebook. Since I want to live here for the long term, I join me here. Düsseldorf is a fantastic city and is very livable. What I noticed during the first tour through the city, however, was the low level of development. In my hometown of Milan, despite many historic buildings, which are also listed as historical monuments, a skyline with a targeted concentration on various points was realized on the outskirts of the city centre. They were initially perceived as very critical, but the inhabitants now love this, because they accommodate jobs and creating Spaces to life with beautiful view and are very well perceived by tourists. More and more cities are applying this principle. Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, London, Rotterdam and many more. Why not here too? Düsseldorf is really nice and I really want to stay here. However, this is an aspect that must be tackled in order to make Düsseldorf perfect and to be able to compete with other European cities.
Nice greetings Cesare

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